Mihintale 49 und 50

  • Language: Simhal. Prakrit
  • Date: -90-90
  • Indoskript editor: kh
  • Dynasty:
  • ID: 246
  • Place of origin: Mihintale (80° 29' long., 8° 20' lat.)
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Material: Felswand.

Datierung: letztes Viertel 3. Jhd. v. Ch. - Mitte 1. Jhd. n. Ch. (Ed.: S. xvii); hier -90 bis 90 n.Chr. angesetzt.

Herkunft: Mihintale, Anuradhapura dist., Sri Lanka.


Paranavitana, S.: Inscriptions of Ceylon

Vol. I: containing Cave Inscriptions from 3rd century B.C. to 1st century A.C. and other Inscriptions in the early Brāhmī Script. [o.O.], 1970; (Archaeological Survey of Ceylon)

Section A: Inscriptions in early Brāhmī Script, S. 1 ff.

Anuradhapura Distrikt, Mihintale

(Ed. S. vii: "Mihintale [Cetiyagiri, Missaka-pabbata, Mahinda-taṭa] in Kanadarā Korale of nuvaragam Palāta in the Anurādhapura District; eight miles east of Anurādhapura on the Trincomalee Road. Nos. 1-75")


Nos. 49-50:

(49).. .. .. śa leṇe śagaśa

(50).. .. .. [jhi]taya upaśika Ve .. .. ..

agata-anaga[ta catu-di]śa-śa[gaśa]

Übersetzung: (49) "The cave of ... [is given] to the Saṅgha." (50) "[The cave of] the female lay-devotee Ve ... daughter of ... [is given] to the Saṅgha of the four quarters, present and absent."

weitere Literatur:

EZ. 5: 210 ff.

Allgemeine Anmerkung:

Die beiden Inschriften befinden sich untereinander.

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