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Choose the script by selecting its name from the main menu, and clicking "Select".
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This page allows you to query the Indoskript database for letters. Letters can be selected by a wide set of criteria: Moving your mouse pointer over the information icon brings up a popup window with the core information about a letter.

You access detailed information about the manuscript of a letter by clicking on the image of the letter.

Clicking on the plus icon below a letter moves the letter into the basket.


This page provides an overview of all manuscripts in the selected script. You can filter the manuscripts using the same criteria as for letters.
Clicking on the name of a manuscript forwards you to the detail page for this manuscript. This page contains the annotation from the original Indoskript database.
Clicking on the term "Table" forwards you to an overview of all letters contained in this manuscript. Letters are grouped by vocalization, which can be changed by using the selection list "Vocalization" at the top of the page. Variants of a letter and complex letters can be accessed by clicking the link "Var." to the right of the letter name.

Cross Tables

Cross tables provide an overview of letters across different manuscripts. They are useful for investigating the historical development of letters.
Manuscripts are found in the rows, and letters in the columns of the cross-table. Add manuscripts and letters by pressing the respective buttons. If a selected letters is not contained in one of the selected manuscripts, its cell in the resulting cross-table remains empty.


The basket is used to create temporary letter collections, and to evaluate the temporal and geographical distributions of these collections.